My Story

AHOY there!

My name is Ash! Welcome to my blog!

I’m a Moreton Bay based girl; living life differently with my husband and daughter. Together, we are living life differently; on board our boat. Six years ago my husband decided to sell our family home so he could attain what has always been his “childhood” dream- to own a big game boat! We never thought in our wildest dreams we would be living on her, but as fate would have it, we fell in love with the lifestyle so much we have never been back to the land.

Most weekends we are able to take our home wherever the winds permit. From Moreton Island to North and South Stradbroke Island- there are so many great little anchorages that allow us to stay protected from the winds, that give us many fishing and crabbing opportunities and of course- crystal clear waters to swim in. The Sandhills at Moreton Island is one of our favourite places to anchor at. With large sand dunes to climb (with views to die for at the top), secluded beaches, and abundance of marine life frolicking in the waters, it is a tropical playground for the avid ocean lover.

At the beginning of this year we welcomed our first child- a beautiful baby girl. We are continuing to live our dream and are so excited to be raising our daughter on the water. It has been an eye opener and has broadened our horizons and we know it will do the same for her too. I can’t wait to see what kind of person she will grow into by being raised in this kind of environment.

My husband and I pride ourselves on being a close knit family, as one has to be, living in such small conditions. We are a family who choose experiences over things, love living a minimalistic life and are passionate about the way we live.

By writing my blogs and sharing the way I live, I am hoping to inspire and motivate anyone who is wanting to live life different. To show you that you can turn your passion into reality, having children doesn’t have to slow or stop your life and that it’s never too late to start living.

A x


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